Founded in 1992, Excavaciones Mugertza, S.L. has a proven track record in the demolition, recycling and transport of scrap and ferric material in both Spain and France.

We use specialized machinery, technologically prepared to overcome any type of challenge; thus, reducing the execution time.

We offer the following services:

  • Waste transportation, management and valorisation
  • Ferric and non-ferric scrap acquisition
  • Industrial demolition design and execution.

Excavaciones Mugertza, S.L. uses cutting edge cutting and recycling techniques that comply with handling and transport quality standards as warranted by the ISO 9001 quality certification, granted by the ISO (International Organization of Standardization). ISO attests to the level of quality of management systems, management accountability, resource management, product realization and measurement methods, analysis and improvement. All operations are conducted by qualified personnel, specialised in demolition, and managed and coordinated by outstanding professionals.

Industrial and Naval Demolition

We have our own means for mechanical work and dismantling of facilities, including structures, foundations and earth movements.