The Barakaldo company DINA S.L. (Desguace Industrial y Naval), currently holds the concession to conduct decontamination and recycling of vessels in the Port of Bilbao. Our facilities in the Port of Bilbao, in DINA Barakaldo, cover 5,000 m2 and are equipped with personnel and state-of-the-art hydraulic technology.

DINA S.L is a business group that counts on a staff of 50 who simultaneously work in the main industrial and business sectors in Spain. It is also experiencing increasing growth in southern France.

Our staff is made up of specialized professionals such as civil engineers, project managers, engineers, drivers, administrative and financial personnel. They perform their duties in accordance with the quality and safety standards stipulated by law.

We are also equipped with transport vehicles and machinery from major international brands. We are the only company in Spain to perform these types of operations thanks to our continuous upgrades and high-quality machinery and the capacity to recycle 120 m-long vessels.

DINA S.L. (Desguace Industrial y Naval, S.L.)